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Release Notes - Version History

This is Release 4.1.04 of the Precision Aerobatic Scoring System (PACSS). Even though there are not any significant changes to contest processing, it still represents change from the previous versions of the system. Please use caution and perform some testing before starting your contest.

New in Version 4.1.04

  • The Help system was completely re-written for Compiled HTML (.CHM)
  • Bunch of Bug Fixes
  • Added 2016 AMA Advanced and Masters schedules.
  • Added the FAI P17 and F17 Schedules.

New in Version 4.1.03

  • A new function in Schedule Maintenance that allows for the Import and Export of the schedule data from / to a "Tab Delimited" text file. This will make it much easier to issue sequence updates in the future
  • Registration is now an option. This was originally put in place so I could track who was using the system in case of an error that needed to be reported back to users.
  • Added 2015 AMA schedules.
  • Added the 2015 Schedule NSRCA Scoresheets (03/15/15).
  • Added the current AMA Rulebook and FAI Sporting Code (03/15/15).

New in Version 4.1.02

  • Fixed a bug in Contestant Maintenance where a new Person could not be added under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug in Import Backup that would display an Error Message that a file could not be opened even though the file was in fact opened.
  • Fixed a bug in Class Change that created a Program Failure in Score Entry.
  • Corrected the Masters schedule error.

New in Version 4.1.01

  • Added the Maneuver and Schedule data to support the 2011-2012 AMA patterns. If you are upgrading, these will have been added the first time you run PACSS after the upgrade.
  • New look and feel including a functional Toolbar on all screens in addition to the menu bar. All functions now require an explicit "Save"
  • Definition of the "Class Name" has been moved from the System Configuration to the Schedule data record. The Class Name for the Contest is initially populated from the Schedule but can be overridden in the Contest.
  • Added a "Schedule Type" to the schedule data. This allows the definition of schedules other than AMA. Previously I have had to maintain separate versions of the system for SPA, MAAC etc. Now a Schedule type can be defined when adding a new schedule and can be selected at the contest level. In Contest Set-up this can be overridden.
  • A new function has been added to the Contest Set-Up menu bar, "FAI-Finals". This function will let you automate the process of running a contest with both FAI Prelims and Finals NOTE: This function is not yet completed, expected release date is 4-1-11
  • Included the "AMA Radio Control Aerobatics Competition Regulation" with the 2011-2012 version. The Class schedules Aresti diagrams, and maneuver descriptions have been merged into the AMA document.
  • Added the last two version of the "FAI Sporting code, Section 4" to the Rulebook function
  • Miscellaneous Bug-Fixes.

New in Version 3.2.08 64-Bit Version****BUG FIX***

  • Temporarily remove the "Back-up / Restore" function. The command line version of PKZIP that is used as the Back-up driver does not support 64-Bit systems. The workaround is to remove the calls to the Back-up driver. This require the user to back up the data file manually.

New in Version 3.2.08 ****BUG FIX****

  • Temporarily remove the "FAI-Finals" function added in release 3.2.07. There was a serious problem discovered by a user at a Contest. this function will be reissued as soon as I can figure out a way around the problem. I apologize for the inconvenience..

New in Version 3.2.07

  • Added the Maneuver and Schedule data to support the 2009-2010 AMA Masters pattern. If you are upgrading, these will have been added the first time you run PACSS after the upgrade.
  •  A new function has been added to the Contest Set-Up menu bar, "FAI-Finals". This function will let you automate the process of running a contest with both FAI Prelims and Finals.
  • The Help functions have been updated so that it is context sensitive to the function from which its being called.
  • Miscellaneous Bug-Fixes.

New in Version 3.2.06

  • Added the Maneuver and Schedule data to support the 2008-2009 and 2010-2011 FAI/F3A Preliminary and Final patterns. If you are upgrading, these will have been added automatically the first time you run this version of PACSS
  •  All internal sorts which had an imposed limit within the system have been externalized. All sorting is now handled in temporary files.
  • The Registration Form feature in Contest Maintenance now includes the ability to print "Pre-Filled" forms.
  • Miscellaneous Bug-Fixes.

New in Version 3.2.05

  • Contestant Maintenance accepts the entry of "SS" (Spread Spectrum) for those contestant using the 2.4Ghz band.
  • The Scoresheet Print function now as the option of printing the NSRCA Scoresheet in addition to the one produced by the system.
  • Flight Order now scrolls through the order instead of "flipping" pages.
  • Fixed a problem with the Scroll bar in the Contestant Maintenance function that could cause a system crash
  • Added a field in the Score Entry display that will show the pilot percentage of the Maximum possible score.
  • Added a report printed from the Current Standings that lists the Contestants by class with the highest score compared to the Maximum possible score.
  • Fixed the "Update" download problem.

New In Version 3.2.04

  • The installation executable is now created using a new software package, CreateInstall from Gentee Software. There is o longer an 'Install" and "Update" file. The install is "smart" enough to know whether in is upgrading or performing a new install.
  • Update and (finally) complete "Help" file. Input and suggestions on improving this would be appreciated.
  • The "System Configuration" function now has an option to use the current Windows default printer when printing all reports. This eliminates the printer select screen.
  • The registration screen will now automatically be pre-filled based upon the registrants AMA number. If there is a People record found this information will be used to populate the screen.
  • Added a function on the Contest Tab that will display the entire 2007-2008 AMA Rule Book. The document can then be searched, printed, etc. in a full blown PDF viewer
  • A bunch (I lost count after 30) of miscellaneous fixes. Most of these were minor or cosmetic.

New in Version 3.1.01

  • The Registration process is now imbedded into the application. By simply filling out a form that pops up automatically, your registration will be sent to PACSS and the serial number will be returned and updated.
  • There is now a built in process to download and apply program updates. A button on the "Welcome" screen will check the PACSS Web site to see if a new version is available and download it automatically.
  • A function has been added to the People Maintenance screen to automatically download any updates from the PACSS Web site.
  • A new function has been added to the Contest Tab, "Upload Contest". This will upload the current database to the PACSS Web site. With this data, updated People information will be made available to all other users. In addition, it is hoped that in the future the districts and NSRCA will be able to use this to accumulate district points, etc.
  • The People file contains all of the current and former members from the NSRCA Member Database (as of 7/06). Because of the increased size of this file, a search by name function has been added to all People selection screens. Additional changes have been made to the system to accommodate the increased number of records.
  • The Backup / Restore facility has been changed from an internal "Vision" backup to using PKZIP. This make it much easier to move backups from user to user. 
  • In order to allow users to share data with another user, under the System Maintenance tab, the "Import from Backup" function will allow you to select and load a complete contest from any PACSS ver3 Backup file. 
  • A number of changes have been made to support this year's NATS, including the ability to "seed" a round of contest from the results of a different contest.
  •  Error messages have been enhanced to make problem resolution easier. Every error messages will include the program name, Font errors contain the name of Font in error, etc. 
  • The installation process no longer store any information in the System Registry. Everything is now stored internally. This eliminates all of the Registry problems reported and allows you to move the system to a different computer by simply copying the entire PACSS folder.
  • Schedule Maintenance includes a function to update your schedule files to the AMA 2007-2009 schedules. Go to the "Systems Maintenance" tab, "Schedule Maintenance" button, click on the "AMA 2007" menu item.
  • The "Schedule Type" has been removed from Schedule File. This means that Schedules are now keyed simply by Schedule Number and Effective Date. This simplifies the Schedule maintenance function and the relationship to contests.

New in Version 2.1.03

  • Direct access to the Internet for retrieving system updates from the PACSS Web site. Go to the "Systems Maintenance" tab, "System Setting" Button, "Check for Updates" menu item.
  • Score Entry will now accommodate up to 12 Judges. The entry screen will display up to 4 Judges at a time. If there are more than 4 judges, a right and left arrow at the top of screen labeled "Move Entry" will shift the entry window.
  • FAI 2006-2007 schedules are included in the base data files. Schedule Maintenance includes a function to update your schedule files to the FAI 2006-2007 F07 / P07 schedules. Go to the "Systems Maintenance" tab, "Schedule Maintenance" button, click on the "Add 06-07 FAI" menu item. The update will modify the current FAI schedules to "Obsolete" and update any contest using those schedules accordingly.

New in Version 2.01.02

  • AMA / ID Number expanded to 9 characters
  • System can now handle 200 contestants with up to 100 in a class
  • All of the scoring parameters have been coded,
    • Total or Averaging
    • Judge Throw Out by Maneuver or Round
    • Round Throw Out AMA Standard or selected High / Low
    • AMA or FAI Penalty
  • Enter and save Contest Sanction Number
  • System generated “AMA Form 11”
  • System generated Contest Registration Form
  • Classes to be flown and their titles defined at Contest Set-up rather than at the  system level
  • Interactively enter Judge’s ID / AMA No. during Score Entry
  • Mass re-calculation of scores; this is useful if a scoring parameter or schedule has changed during a contest.
  • The following changes are specific to the Nat’s Contest Option but may be used
    • Ability to import Contestants and Score from an external source.
    • Input and Maintain Contestant ID
    • Ability to Merge contests with either Normalized  or Raw scores
    • Maximum Judges has been increased from 4 to 12
    • Score Entry has been modified to handle up to 5 judges (the increase to 12 will come later)
  • With all of these changes, the database has undergone significant modification. There is a database conversion available if you are upgrading from a prior release. The first time that Version 2.1.02 runs, the conversion will occur automatically. A BACKUP of the current Database will be made automatically and placed in the BACKUP Folder. This Conversion has only been tested with Release 1.1.09 and 1.1.10 but it should work with 1.1.08 and 1.1.07 as there were no Database changes in those releases. It will NOT work with any other Release!!!!.